Acqua Duo

Acqua Duo Ultra

And to continue the success of the Acqua Ultra Line, Lorenzetti once again surprises with a sophisticated product that has a modern finish with square lines, compact design, "Similar to the design of cold showers" and that includes 2 types of jet streams in one product.
In the shower option, the jet is directable and concentrated, leaning in the desired direction, while the shower provides a more spacious jet by means of a large spreader.
The Acqua Ultra Line features the exclusive Loren Ultra Resistance, the first flat resistance in the market. It is a development with more than five years of studies that guarantees high performance and long duration.

Shower and Shower in one product - Choose the option of your bath.

Press Plus Technology - High performance jets even under low water pressure.

Unique Loren Ultra Resistance - Long lasting compared to common resistors.

Loren Ultra Quick Change Resistance - Unique cartridge that guarantees quick and safe replacement.

Electronic control - Allows gradual and precise temperature selection.

Control pin - Temperature control and selection of electric shower models at your fingertips (optional use)

Easy installation - In a few steps the showerhead is installed or removed.

D.R.I. - Tilt Adjustment Device.

Hand shower with exclusive design.
Compatible with solar heating and other heating systems.



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Product Certification

PBE – Programa Brasileiro de Etiquetagem – INMETRO

Programa de conservação de energia, que autoriza a utilização de etiquetas informativas, com o objetivo de alertar o consumidor quanto à eficiência energética dos aparelhos elétricos de aquecimento instantâneo de água.

A autorização para utilizar as etiquetas é obtida através da conformidade dos produtos ao regulamento específico RESP/002 – AAQ do INMETRO.

A linha de Chuveiros, Duchas, Torneiras e Aquecedores Elétricos Lorenzetti apresenta as etiquetas PBE, atestando sua conformidade com o programa.
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