Our History

From the 1920’s Brazil has gone through a profound transformation as a result of its industrialization and immigration, mainly Spanish and Italian immigrants, who took a chance throughout America – they were willing to work and rebuild their lives after the war that had devastated Europe.

The 1920’s and 1930's

Brothers Lorenzo and Eugênio arrived in Brazil in the early 1920’s to continue with the work started by their father, Alessandro Lorenzetti, who modestly established a company which is currently one of the largest electrical material and household appliances company in the industry, Lorenzetti S.A. Indústrias Brasileiras Eletrometalúrgicas. The Tonanni & Lorenzetti partnership operated in the precision screw industry and had only a few employees and four automatic lathes.

Since the late 1920’s and from the 1930’s on the company has also been operating in the sector for drawn shapes, maintenance, manufacture and assembly of industrial machines. Under the license of an Italian company, it started to produce porcelain for low-tension electrical material. Lorenzetti has always taken part in the city’s social and political life and helped in the reconditioning of armaments and manufacture of ammunition parts for São Paulo’s troops during the 1932 Constitutionalist Revolution.

During the 1930’s, Lorenzetti developed and manufactured porcelain disk insulators and fittings for power transmission lines and innovated by manufacturing for the first time in South America a resin know as "bakelite", used for home and industrial installations. In the same period, it manufactured three-phase electric engines.

The 1940’s

Due to the shortage of gasoline, during the period between the wars Lorenzetti developed coal-based devices for making engines work. That kind of device became known as gasogeneand was installed in automotive vehicles as an alternative to gasoline.
he early 1940’s were marked with the production of high-pressure and floating hydraulic pumps for deep wells. The company expanded commercially throughout South America in the late years of that decade.

The 1950’s and the 1960’s

The beginning of the production of automatic electric showers was a milestone in Lorenzetti’s history – they became the company’s main product from the 1950’s. In the following years the line was expanded with the production of taps and electric heaters. With an eye to the future it expanded its operation in the early 1960’s by manufacturing new household appliances and high-tension materials.

The 1970's and the 1980's

During the 1970’s, Lorenzetti launched its first plastic shower: "Nova Ducha", which started a new generation of plastic showers. In the early 1980’s, combining quality and price, it launched a product that would be the company’s leading product in the following years: Maxi-Ducha. Based on advanced technology, during the 1970’s and the 1980’s it designed and manufactured extra high tension products (up to 800 KV), which are installed in the country’s largest substations, such as Itaipu, Xingó, Tucuruí and Furnas.

Usina de Itaipú

The 1990’s and the 2000’s

In the early 1990’s, Lorenzetti innovates once again by launching the first electric showers: Jet Master and Jet Turbo with a built-in pressurizer. In the late 1990’s it launched gas heaters, searching for new energy sources and starting a new era aimed at full satisfaction during the shower experience.



Filters and Purifiers

The Lorenzetti developed advanced technology for the treatment of water, starting to manufacture water purifiers and filters. It has its own laboratory with the most modern equipment to undergo stringent testing every line of the brand. To the company, quality water is health.

Metais Sanitários

Metal and Plastic Fittings

In 2003, the company starts working in the market of Metal and Plastic Fittings, ste being the fastest growing segment in recent years. Offers full line of products with high quality and distinctive design to various consumers, aspects that entered among the largest manufacturers of metal fittings in the country. To meet the demand in this segment, Lorenzetti invested in new factories, significantly increasing production capacity. Ooccupying area of ??24 thousand square meters, with modern manufacturing equipment and assembly of components.

Below, some of the recent awards received by Lorenzetti::

Troféu Valor


Troféu Revenda

Best Product of the Year - Resaler  Magazin