Top 10 Anamaco

Resellers of construction materials from all over Brazil, pointed out the manufacturers that stood out most in 2016. Lorenzetti, with a strong presence at points of sale, won the best concept in the following categories:

  • TOP 10 - LOGISTICS with Plastic Taps, Gas Water Heaters and Showers, Showers and Electric Taps;
  • TOP 10 - Point-of-Sale ATTENDATION with Plastic Taps and Water Purifiers and Filters;
  • TOP 10 - TECHNICAL ORIENTATION with Plastic Taps.

Best In Show Award

In the Sanitary Ware - Vesses category, Lorenzetti was awarded the LorenVogue vessel.

Folha de São Paulo Newspaper

Top Of Mind in the Electric Shower category

Estadao Newspaper

475th Place among the 1,500 largest companies in Brazil


1st place in the category Launches / Equipment with the LZ 4500DE Gas Water Heater
1st place in the category Launchings / Electrical Installations with the Acqua Ultra Line

Home & Market

1st Place - Electric Shower Brand
1st Place - Electric Water Heater Brand

Resale Construction

1st place: Shower and Electric Tap with Advanced Shower and LorenEasy Tap;
1st place: Gas Heating System with LZ 1600D;
1st place: Water Purifier with Gioviale;
1st place: Tap in ABS with FORTTI line;

2nd place: Sanitary Metal with LorenOne line;
2nd place: Kitchen faucet with LorenFit Slim line;
2º lugar: Grifería de plástico con línea FORTTI.


Master Award in Spraying and Large Clients, in the segments:

  • Showers, showers and electric faucets
  • Gas Water Heaters
  • Filters and Water Purifiers

1st place in Large Clients:

  • Plastic faucets

3rd place in Spraying and Large Customer:

  • Sanitary Metals

Honorable Mention in Large Clients, in the segments:

  • Sanitary Seats
  • Sanitary Metals

This is Money

408th place Among the 1000 Largest of the Money

MESC Institute

1st place in the Construction Materials segment

Valor Econômico Newspaper

Lorenzetti is in 552nd place among the 1000 Largest Companies in the country and was highlighted as the Best in performance in the Southeast region. It won 2nd place in the Electro-electronic sector and 1st place in Sustainable Growth.

Época Negócios

119th place among the 300 Best Companies in Brazil

4th place in the Electro-electronic sector, for having conquered:

  • 2nd place - Financial Performance
  • 2nd place - Future Vision
  • 2nd place - HR Practices
  • 4th place - Ability to Innovate
  • 5th place - Corporate Governance


645th Place - among the 1000 Largest Companies in Brazil
2nd Place - Best Company in the Electro-electronic Sector

Resale Construction

Top of Mind in: Electric Shower and Tap, Gas Heating System, Filter, Water Purifier and Tap in ABS;

2nd place in: Sanitary Metal and Faucet for Kitchen.

Economical Value

4º puesto en el sector "Materiales de construcción y decoración".
67th place among the 150 most innovative companies in the country