Advanced Shower, known by millions of brazilians, now in a Electronic version.

Being the ultimate in comfort and convenience at shower time, the showerhead Advanced Electronic is perfect to use every day during the whole year. Through its electronic temperature control that allows a gradual and precise selection, simple as adjusting the volume of your radio.

In addition to its innovative design, has a large spreader that provides excellent volume of water for showering. For complete convenience, the change in temperature is within reach, through their exclusive prolonging rod.

The advanced technology is in all details of Advanced Shower, from a design with embedded wires to a refill type heating element which facilitates its change. Everything to ensure easy installation.

The shower is compatible with solar water heaters, thus expanding its use.

Electronic Temperature Control
Select the temperature of your shower gradual and precisely,  as simple as adjusting the volume of your radio. Drive using button or exclusive prolonging rod for easy access.

Easy to install

Quick change heating element

Big spreader

More comfort in your bathroom