Low water pressure is very common in single storey houses, townhouses and penthouses. To provide greater comfort and convenience for those who suffer from this type of problem, get to know Lorenzetti's pressurisers.

The product adds 12 mca (meters of water column) to the hydraulic network and is suitable for use with gas water heaters and domestic hydraulic systems. PL12 is built with a material highly resistant to corrosion, in addition to having a waste blocking screen.


- Maximum Power 160W
- Maximum Pressure 12 mca
- Maximum flow 30 l/min

- Easy Installation
- Practical and economic maintenance
- Direct attachment to Gas Water Heaters
- Quiet and compact
- Manual or automatic operation by flow switch
- Constructed of corrosion-resistant materials
- Water-cooled motor
- Has selector switch to be turned off in case of long absence from home