Low water pressure is very common in single-family houses, sobrados and penthouse apartments. To provide greater comfort and convenience for those suffering from this type of problem, get to know Lorenzetti pressurizers.

The product adds 9 mca (meters of water column) to the hydraulic network and is indicated for use with gas water heaters and domestic hydraulic systems. The PL9 is built with highly corrosion-resistant material, in addition to having a waste blocking screen.



-Maximum Power 120W
-Maximum pressure 9 mca

-Water cooled engine
-Low power consumption
- Silent Product
-Manual or automatic operation by flow switch
-Easy installation, practical and economical maintenance
-Durable - Corrosion resistant material
-Accompany particulate trap filter

Pressurização de Água para Aquecedores a Gás
Pressurização de Sistemas Hidráulicos Domésticos