What are the advantages in using a Lorenzetti shower head?

Lower cost and minimum maintenance is required

Economy in its installation: It does not require either copper or C-PVC tubes nor duplicated piping or water mixers.

Water saving: It is not necessary to wait for the water warming period since in this case the water is heated in the shower head itself. In addition, with a Lorenzetti Shower Head is possible to take an excellent shower with 4 liters of water per minute, quantity a lot inferior than the one requested by other water heaters.

Hot water at any time, with no interruptions and it lasts for the period of time you need.

Economy up to 70% in your energy bill: Once the product only consumes energy when functioning, its consumption is proportional to the time of usage, which does not occur with the electrical accumulation heaters.

See the example below:

Electrical accumulation heater:Nominal Power: 1,500 Watts
Period of time that the product remains on(per day): 4 hours approximately
Consumption(per day): 1,500 Watts x 4 hours = 6,000 Watts
Consumption(monthly): 6,000 x 30 days = 180,000 Watts or 180KWh

Electrical Shower Head:Nominal Power: 4,400 Watts
Period of usage(per day): 30 minutes
Consumption(per day): 4,400 Watts x 30 minutes = 2,200 Watts
Consumption(monthly): 2,200 x 30 days = 66,000 Watts or 66KWh*

*Three showers of 10 minutes each (per day)

Millions of satisfied users in more than 40 countries. Try the advantages of a Lorenzetti Shower Head