Electric Water Heaters

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The neutral wire should never be used as grounding. Should the power network be overcharged – as in the case of lightning – the neutral wire may be charged and burn the electrical devices which are connected to it.

The directions for changing the heating element are contained in the guide that accompanies the product at the time of purchase.

Their purpose is to ensure safety. Connectors provide a good electric contact between the device wiring and the house installation. A better electric connection means that there is a good contact area between the two sets of wiring and that the electrical current finds less resistance to circulate. This makes the connection safer, since it avoids the set heating while increasing the useful life of the device and the installation. The right way to use them may be viewed in the device installation guide.

General use plugs and sockets are not prepared to resist to the electrical current that circulates in Lorenzetti’s heating household appliances, as such appliances have a high electrical power. Their use compromises the installation safety.