Gas Water Heaters

Ask your most frequently asked questions

We recommend that your gas heater is installed by Lorenzetti Authorized Service (SAL). Other countries: contact local distributor.

Yes, they have a flame sensor that cuts the gas in the absence of flame and a safety thermostat that turns the heater off in the case of overheating.

Lorenzetti’s Gas Water Heaters are automatic, that is, the heater is automatically activated when you open the hot water faucet.

Gas heaters with natural exhaust, namely LZ 700, L8, LZ 900, LO 1800 and LZ 2200, are fed by two batteries (1.5 – type D). Gas heaters with forced exhaust, namely LZ 2200 EF and LZ 2500 D, require electric power in order to be activated and both of them are double voltage (127 volts or 220 volts). Check the device adjustment before installation.

Visiting a Lorenzetti Authorized Service (SAL) once a year for cleaning and inspecting the device and installations is advisable.

Yes, all Lorenzetti Gas Water Heaters are in accordance with the Brazilian Labeling Program and their performance is recognized by INMETRO.

Water pressure is essential for the proper operation of gas water heaters. For one point we recommend that the installation should have at least 5-m water column. For two or more points, the minimum pressure should be at least 10-m water column. Under low pressure circumstances the use of a Lorenzetti pressurizer is recommended.

The materials required to install your gas water heater are: Ducts, chimney, brackets, trim rings, flexible part for water (cold and hot), flexible part for gas and ball valve. Use duly approved products at all times.

NG –Natural Gas, also popularly known as Piped Gas, and LPG – Liquid Petroleum Gas, also popularly known as Kitchen Gas. Check the type of gas available in your house before buying a heater.

We recommend the following piping: regular PVC can be used for cold water; for hot water, hot water resistant materials should be used, such as copper, CPVC, PPR, etc. We recommend copper pipes for gas.

Natural Exhaust – Gas water heaters with natural exhaust feature an internal baffle designed for the exhaust of gas burned through natural dragging. Forced Exhaust – The exhaust of burned gas is performed by an internal fan. It facilitates the exhaust system installation due to the reduced chimney diameter, making it safer.

Lorenzetti’s Gas Water Heaters have a 2-year warranty in Brazil only. Other countries, contact your distributor.