Metal Fittings

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Yes. You can also install two single lever showers – one for the shower and another for the bathtub.

Yes, as long as the hot and cold water pressures are equivalent. If the pressures are not equalized the use of a Lorenzetti Water-Saving Device to adjust the pressures is advisable.

  • Flexible parts for hot and cold water connection;
  • Parts for installing the product: screws, threads, holder and sealing items.

In general, the minimum pressure for those products is 7 m.c.a. Line 71 (Allure), which works from 2 m.c.a., is an exception to the rule.

Valid in Brazil only, the warranty is 12 years for home use. For use in public places the warranty period is reduced to five years. Other countries: contact the local distributor.

During the first year of warranty (valid in Brazil only), Lorenzetti does not charge for visits and labor required to change the product. After that period, consumers shall pay for the expenses in connection with any visits and labor they may request.

They use ceramic discs or cartridges which provide greater durability.