Water Filters

Ask your most frequently asked questions

Yes. They are approved by INMETRO and have already been tested and approved by the best laboratories in Brazil.

Yes, the parts for installation are included in the products and there is no need to seek a technician to install them. You can do it yourself by following the directions in the product installation guide.

Water purifiers and filters may be installed without the need for a technician. Just follow the directions in the product installation guide. Excepting the Loren Acqua 7”, 9”3/4, 10” and 20” lines, the installation may be a little more complex and therefore we recommend it should be performed by a technician.

You can clean them with water and a soft brush. Never use chemical products or alcohol.

The maintenance of Water Purifiers and Filters is very easy and does not require a technician to perform it. Naturalis and Giovale include a fridge magnet, which helps you remember when the next change should be made.

The useful life of these refills is approximately 1 year, or a water consumption of 6,000 liters for Naturalis and 4,000 liters for Gioviale.

For the Loren Acqua Line and the Versatille model refills should be replaced after 6 months of use. For Filters with a metal tap the refill useful life is 3 months on average or a water consumption of 1,000 liters. Note that the refill durability also depends on the use and quality of water received in your house.

No, you don’t need a dedicated point. You may install both at the filter point – with the aid of a tap adapter – or in the wall mixer.

For this model, we have two options of filtering elements – disposable (Polypropylene) and washable (Crimped). After an average period of six months of use the polypropylene element should be disposed, while the crimped element can be washed and reused. You should check the latter from time to time to determine whether it is dirty and wash it; thus, its useful life will be approximately 18 months.

Check the refill replacement date. The refill useful life may have expired.

Easy installation and maintenance (a technician is not required) – More competitive price – They are approved by INMETRO.

Based on the Naturalis water purifier, we have: Naturalis has a capacity for filtering 6,000 liters, which is equivalent to 300 gallons of water. Assuming that the price of each gallon is R$4.00, the cost of the gallons would be R$ 1,200.00. The price of Naturalis is R$ 300.00 on average, that is, much more economy and reliable water.

Point-of-use water filters should be installed in the place where the water us used directly for drinking, making juices, etc. They remove physical elements like mud, sludge, rust and excess chlorine. Point-of-entry filters are installed in the place where the water gets in the house or establishment, such as at water tanks, manifolds ways, etc. They are important because they eliminate physical elements, thus protecting the pipes against corrosion and blockings. These filters do not remove chlorine from water – an important element at the water tank – since it avoids the multiplication of bacteria.

Performing auto-cleaning on water purifiers is important because it extends the useful life of refills. The system works in the opposite direction which the water runs for filtration, removing part of the impurities that accumulate in the refill and extending its useful life.

Filters eliminate physical elements like sludge, mud and rust as well as excess chlorine and unpleasant odor and taste. Purifiers are more complete devices, since in addition to the filtering function, they also restore minerals (calcium and potassium) which are beneficial to our organism and reduce heavy metals (mercury and lead) which are damaging to health.

At Lorenzetti Technical Assistances. Other countries:contact your distributor.

On the way from the local public treatment station to your house the water is usually contaminated with impurities, which may cause an unpleasant smell and strange taste, thus making it impossible to drink. Even chlorine, which is excessively used to protect the water, may adversely affect our organism and cause digestion problems, gastritis, skin irritation, etc. The Lorenzetti Water Filters and Purifiers eliminate particles like mud, sludge, rust and excess chlorine in the water as well as unpleasant odors and tastes.